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I wasn't always fortunate with a fit and healthy body, but here's how I got there and you can too!


Travel is one of my deep passions and something I love sharing with you.  These curated travel guides are little nuggets of inspiration for you to get out and see the world and do it knowing where to go (at least with my favs!)

The skincare favorites I'll never be without — curated just for you.


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Worried about spike proteins from the Covid vaccine?  Get back to that pre-COVID feeling with the Spike Support.  Plus virtual doctors appts!

I am VERY picky when it comes to what I put on and in my body, allow in my house, or environment.  These are my absolute "Go-Tos" to help me live my best life!  Feel free to reach out to me about any of these.  I hope they help you thrive!   

Your Daily Wellness Ritual!  Defend from toxins, support healthy digestion, and boost immune function with all-natural ION Gut Support.

UMA is a luxury beauty and wellness collection made of rare, precious botanicals grown in India and built around the 5000-year-old wisdom of Ayurveda.

The pioneer of ingestible wellness founded by Elle Macpherson.  Repair and flourish in your life with these carefully-curated collection of wellness solutions. 

Energy all day long!  This coffee alternative made of 100% organic cacao, masala chai, and  adaptogenic mushrooms gives you natural energy and focus without the jitters and crash. 

The air inside your home can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.  Get the best HVAC filters for your home and office

Bitters subway tile art party quis hashtag flannel vinyl echo park.

A holistic fitness method that's redefining what strong looks and feels like

An Ayruveda Apothocary that totally changed my skin health

I've fallen in love with this European skin care brand focused on the Olive tree

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My go to carefully-curated collection of wellness solutions by Elle Macpherson 

Is there anything more age-defying than "that essential oil glow'? I think not.

My favorite gut support that literally everyone can benefit from! 

My favorite natural mattress     
— seriously, it's so cozy!

My favorite "energy all day" coffee alternative made of 100% organic cacao, masala chai, and mushrooms.

My favorite curated collection of contemporary designer fashion

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