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Awakening Your Soul

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A Path to Self-Discovery and Transformation

Do you ever find yourself caught up in the routines of daily life, working tirelessly to maintain physical health and mental clarity? I’ve been there, too. I’ve followed the wellness playbook, adhering to recommendations like eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, and limiting screen time. These practices undeniably benefit our well-being, but there’s a deeper truth that I discovered on my journey—a truth that transformed my perspective on existence.

Realizing Our Superpowers

It dawned on me that I am not just a human being; I am a Soul, first, inhabiting this remarkable human vessel. This shift in perception was profound and empowering. It led me to understand that I possess incredible superpowers.

One of these superpowers is my body—an extraordinary vehicle capable of transporting me anywhere in this lifetime. It’s an intelligent vessel that can move in ways beyond comprehension. Our bodies consist of various organs, tissues, and cells, working together to enable essential functions like respiration, digestion, circulation, and sensory perception. The intricate design of our bodies allows for growth, self-repair, and adaptation to various environments and challenges. As a Soul, this remarkable human body was the key to my success to evolve my Soul and understand the real purpose for my life.

Unleashing the Power of the Mind

The second superpower is our mind, a formidable weapon beyond any other. It serves as the center of human consciousness and cognition, encompassing our thoughts, emotions, memories, and the processes of perception, reasoning, and decision-making. Our minds are not confined to our physical brains but are products of interactions with the external world. Just like a weapon, our mind can be the best advocate and defense or it can be used against us as a trap to prohibit our evolution as a Soul.

Transforming Habits with Soul Perspective

When I began to really embody these two Superpowers and apply these principles, my approach to my evolution completely evolved.    I started living from a Soul-first perspective, amplifying my experience in this human realm.  

How I moved my body changed.  Exercising wasn’t just about physical fitness anymore; it was about moving energy through my body with my breath, clearing blockages, and enhancing my light energy. This shift transformed my daily movement into a vital activity for keeping my frequency high. 

Similarly, I gained a new understanding of food and nutrition. I realized that the food we consume helps unlock the sun’s energy within us, raising our vibrational frequency. This elevated state enables us to connect with our true selves and fulfill our life’s purpose.

Finally, I learned how to use my mind for good and not have it debilitate my growth with my inner voices of self-doubt and self-critic. I spent time understanding my mind separate from my Soul so I could distinguish which one was in the drivers seat. By doing so, my Soul has a more active role in my life, leading with the intelligent wisdom of my intuition and psychic capacity. This create so much joy in my life and so much less struggle.

Embracing the Wisdom of the Soul

If you find yourself feeling stuck in life, it’s possible that you’re holding your Soul hostage within the confines of your body and mind. But there’s a way out!

Start by acknowledging that you are more than your physical and mental self. Distinguish your body and mind from your Soul. Consider giving your Soul a unique name if it helps, different than your biological name. My Soul’s name is Raye, revealed to me in a mediation ceremony.

Next, begin to explore what your Soul desires—how it wants to move and what it wishes to consume to amplify your vibrational force.  I celebrate Raye’s day once a week and allow my Soul to guide the journey that day. Just remember, your Soul only wants what it needs and nothing more, so pay attention to this distinction and not get tricked by the inner voice of your mind.

Conclusion: Harmonizing Body and Soul

By tuning into your Soul’s needs and desires, you embark on a transformative journey, harmonizing your body and soul. This alignment doesn’t just bring wellness; it brings a profound sense of liberation and connection to the deeper essence of life.

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In Light 💫


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 I can promise a honest glimpse of life in Mexico, how to design your best life,  inspiring conversations with people around the globe, exciting freebies and things I am loving and think you will too.  Plus, be the first to know about our upcoming events you will def want to join!



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